Industrial Chemicals

We offer high-quality industrial chemicals and petroleum products used in a variety of different markets such as Polyurethane, Paint & Coatings, Plastics, Water Treatment, Feedstuff & Fertilizers.

General Goods

We work closely with many European companies that manufacture and sell different varieties of goods. The varieties of goods among others are: Home and Garden goods, Electronics, Electricals, Machine Tools, Generators, Furnitures.

Partners & Services

Our aim at Tesmo is to build long-lasting business relationships with reputable partners. We keep our promise of quality and that’s why we only have partners who are accredited and certified.

Your specialist supplier

Tesmo is an international distribution company specialising in the importation and exportation of industrial chemical, Petroleum, general goods and agricultural products. As a specialist supplier, we are dedicated to providing a seamless and reliable approach towards obtaining these products and offer excellent service to help meet your requirements.
When you need a reliable supply of industrial chemical, Petroleum, general goods and agricultural products, Tesmo will meet your needs. Our high quality industrial chemical products are from well renowned manufacturers in Europe, United States and Asia. We supply to our esteemed customers in Africa, Asia and other parts of the world. Whether you need Polyurethane, Plastics, Petrochemical Solvents, Inorganic Chemicals, Feedstuff & Fertilizers, Oil Seeds, Petroleum Products, we can supply in small or large quantities. Our high quality industrial and petroleum products are from the best soils on the globe.

To be the global leader in excellent and quality exportation and supply of high-quality industrial chemicals, Petroleum and agricultural products.

To supply high-quality industrial chemicals, Petroleum and agricultural products that meet the expectations of our esteemed customers and partners.

To build and maintain long-term business relationships with our our esteemed customers and partners.

We believe in honesty, integrity, quality products and services, and good business ethics in all aspects of what we do.

To expand our industrial chemicals, Petroleum products and agricultural supplies and develop our base of reputable partners. We also aim to build a reliable reputation in excellent and high-quality exports and imports.

Industrial & General Products
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Industrial & General Products

At Tesmo, we specialise in the import and export of industrial chemicals and Petroleum products, including Polyurethane, Plastics, Feedstuff & Fertilizers, Oil Seeds and much more. Any of our high-quality products can be delivered in large or small quantities, whether in drums, barrels, flexi-tanks and containers.


Paint & Coating


Other Industrial & General Products

Our Reputable Partners & Service


We ensure that all our partners meet industry standards and have the appropriate certifications so that we can guarantee good ethics and high-quality products. We aim to build strong business relationships and are proud to work with partners because of their ethical values, trustworthiness and reliability. We are always happy to welcome new partners for more efficient and valued services.


As a specialist supplier of industrial chemical and general products, we offer a seamless approach to the delivery of our high-quality products. We offer quantities both large and small and different sized containers for each import or export. With Tesmo, you’ll be getting a reliable, efficient and high-quality service at cost-effective prices.

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Tesmo is an international industrial products distribution company. We offer reliable and efficient import and export of high-quality industrial chemicals and Petroleum products. Contact Tesmo today for more information on our import and export products and services.